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Autumn Wedding Centerpieces - How to Decorate Your Fall Wedding Reception Tables

If you are looking for elegant autumn wedding centerpieces, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of options at your disposal. These can give substance to the theme of your wedding and provide a colorful way of decorating your reception tables.

Autumn wedding centerpiece decoration

A popular theme to use for an autumn wedding is the wonderful range of colors from fallen leaves. You could use real leaves but many brides tend to prefer to buy some items in advance that they know will look wonderful when placed on the tables. The centerpiece in the photo above has artificial fruit and leaves.

There are red, gold and green colored floating candles that you can buy. These can make a stunning centerpiece that also provides an intimate light for the evening. There are also favors that are available as leaf shaped floating candles so you can provide a nice tight theme here if you wish.

Pumpkin centerpiece for wedding celebration

Pumpkins are available during the autumn and these can make a colourful base to your centerpieces. You could use them instead of a vase and fill them with autumn colored flowers. Or you could simply hollow them out and place a small votive candle inside.

If you want to have autumn flower centerpieces, then there are lots of different choices for you. Hydrangeas are widely available at this time of year. Their large flower heads make wonderful decorations for your venue. They are available in white, pink and blue varieties.

Chinese lanterns (Physalis) are another decorative flower that is available at this time. They have unusual orange colored flowers, which always provide a talking point among guests.

If you wish to stick to more traditional flowers for your autumn wedding centerpieces, there is also lots of choice. Roses, calla lilies and stargazer lilies can be obtained all year around so you don't have to worry about them being in season or not.

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